Getting the ultimate confetti shot!

  1. Enjoy the moment! Look at each other and your guests but try not to get any in your eyes, it can hurt!Wedding confetti
  2. Lots of confetti is always the most effective. Most guests won’t bring any with them, so be sure to have a big supply if you want a fab confetti confetti churchWedding confetti
  3. We always recommend to check with your venue, as it is highly likely they insist that you use bio-degradable confetti.Wedding confetti churchWedding confetti
  4. Stop midway and kiss!Wedding confetti church
  5. Confetti not allowed? How about using bubbles?Wedding confetti
  6. Got to near the end of your special day and you haven’t been covered in confetti? Load up your guests with confetti cannons during the first dance!Wedding confetti cannon first dance

Millbridge Court

Oldwalls Gower

The Erasmus // Thames Luxury Charters

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